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Our Strenghts

our strength

High Degree of Quality Assuarance

Since the company's inception, ensuring high quality has been one of our major priorities at all times. This high level of quality is achieved through rigorous inspections managed by a dedicated and highly qualified staff.

our strength

Lead times

Meeting buyers deadlines is crucial to us, as a organization. By being strategically located in South Asia and the horn of Africa, Isabella and Sarasavi manages to supply ordered goods in a timely manner, effectively and effeciently.

Our Process

To ensure personalized and dedicated service, we have simplified our manufacturing process to several few steps.

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One-stop Private
Label Custom Sock Solution

We have decades of experience serving socks & tights brands.



The sampling process is handled by well seasoned experts who ensures all samples developed are aligned with all Customer requirements.


Private Labelling

Isabella and Sarasavi facilities all 3rd party private labeling



Cutting edge technologies are used to ensure a high degree of performance and efficiency can be maintained in the products we manufacture.



Shipping can be facilitated according to buyers requirements.

strict Adherance to Compliance

Strict adherance to technical, social and ethical compliance is implemented througout and is of the utmost priority within all branches of the organization. We possess compliances such as FAMA, SEDEX, Naturaline, OEKO TEX and Amfori BSCI, and endeavour to increase in the years to come.

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Competetive prices

We endeavour to provide competitive prices to all our clients and aspire to be a sustainable manufacturer in pricing.

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Duty benefits

Our manufacturing facilities are positioned in strategic locations that provides duty free status to goods that are received by U.S.A, Europe and more. Our main focus is to ensure that this benefit can be transferred to our buyers. Our duty excemptions are AGOA, GSP, GSP+ etc .

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Vertically Integrated

Customisabiity and flexibility are 2 major elements to us. Our group includes a yarn dyeing, covering and processing facility to provide a greater level of flexibility and speed to our consumers.